Replacing a patio door can be a tough job for those new to home improvement. A number of things can go wrong that cost time and money. Pre-planning and following instructions exactly is essential to proper installation. When entry and patio doors are installed incorrectly, there can be problems with function, security, energy efficiency and moisture.

Challenges of Patio Door Replacement

Leveling a pre-hung patio door is one of the biggest challenges in installation. Openings for entry and patio doors are often out of square. Wood shims are used strategically to correct the unevenness. Securing the door into place correctly can also be challenging. Three-inch screws must be screwed through the wood shims into the jack studs to ensure that the door is as sturdy as possible.

Hiring a Contractor to Replace Patio Doors

Most homeowners will opt to hire a contractor to replace patio doors because of the complexity of the job. Before hiring a contractor, however, it's important do the right research. Homeowners should make sure contractors carry the proper insurance, including worker's comp, personal liability and property damage. Getting references from past clients is also recommended. Prospective contractors should be able to show photographs of past projects as well. To make sure there are no complaints against the contractor, contact the Better Business Bureau or the state licensing board.

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