Sunroom windows are the principle component of an enclosed patio setting, and should be carefully selected for their insulative and energy-efficient properties. A home's sunroom can have an array of window shapes and designs, lending architectural interest to the structure. Residents can get quite creative with their sunroom openings, but may wish to stick with basic, stock styles in order to keep expenses down.

Sunroom Window Types

There are several different types of windows that can be used in a sunroom.

  • Wood windows have been used for decades for their beauty and insulative properties. While these frame types are energy efficient, they typically cost more than other frame designs. In addition, homeowners must reseal and refinish them on a regular basis.
  • Aluminum windows* are not as efficient for climates with weather extremes, and are difficult to paint successfully. They are, however, less expensive than other framing choices, require little maintenance and are quite sturdy.
  • Vinyl windows offer superior energy efficiency, low maintenance and come in a variety of standard colors. Vinyl frames are typically budget-friendly, and can be painted to match a home's exterior, as well.

For sunrooms that have a standard roof rather than a glass roof, skylights provide increased natural light while opening up the room. The frame types discussed above can also be installed in skylight form.

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